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  • GALERIE Canvas Protect

    GALERIE Canvas Protect is a water-based liquid solution that has been designed to protect and enhance images printed on GALERIE Prestige canvas as well as other inkjet canvas available in the market.

    Applying Canvas Protect to your print will protect it from cracking when folded around the frame and the product will not affect the original tint, colour or texture of the print.

    Key Benefits

    • Protect and enhance your canvas prints
    • Maintains original tint, colour and texture of the original print
    • Prevents the print from cracking when folded around a frame
    • Available in Glossy, Semi-Matt and Matt finishes
    • It is possible to mix the finishes to create a bespoke look
    • Easy to apply

  • GALERIE FineArt Protect

    GALERIE FineArt Protect is a liquid solution designed to protect images printed on GALERIE FineArt media as well as other FineArt papers available in the market.

    Key Benefits

    • Protects print against UV light
    • Improved scratch resistance
    • Maintains original tint, texture and colour of the image
    • Easy to apply
    • Non-hazardous

  • GALERIE FineArt Archiva

    ILFORD GALERIE FineArt Archiva is designed specifically for mounting fine art prints particularly the ILFORD GALERIE heavy weight fine art and canvas papers. The FineArt Archiva is a very thin fibre paper that is coated on both sides with an acid-free, pH-neutral, water-based adhesive perfect for bonding heavy weight papers together.

  • GALERIE Creative Emulsion

    GALERIE Creative Emulsion offers fine art photographers and printers the opportunity to create a truly unique looking print on their paper of choice.

    The water-based inkjet receiving layer can be applied, using the Creative Emulsion Coating Bar, to a wide range of uncoated paper including fine art, cotton, washi, bamboo or rice paper to create a bespoke look and feel to the final image.

    Key Benefits

    • Create a unique look and feel to a print
    • Offers good density and sharpness without affecting the texture of the paper
    • Water-based coating solution which can be applied to a range of fine art paper
    • Emulsion A can be blended with Emulsion B to create a bespoke look and feel
    • Easy to apply

    Now also available as Starter-Kit

    with 2 small bottles and bars.

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